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Our guarantee:
1.The guarantee terms


 Guarantee period

 Digital duplicator(Low-end / Mid-end machine )

 1 year or 500,000 pcs print copies or 2,000 pcs master

 Digital duplicator(High-end machine)

 1 year or 1,500,000 pcs print copies or 2,000 pcs master

Remark: The guarantee term is 1 year from the machine is installed, or it is valid until the print paper either the master sheet reaches its guarantee number (it’s valid according to the earlier term between the two options)
2.The followings are not covered by guaranteeROYAL OAK OFFSHORE LAS VEGAS STRIP REPLICSA ( The service of following will be charged during guarantee period)
1) The malfunction or damage is caused by the improper operation by users.
2) The malfunction or damage caused by repairing,  maintenance, replacement and disassemble by the service staff who are not awarded by RDC company
3) The spare parts which is limited in life-span and needs termly replacement(In another words, they are highly recommended consumable parts, like paper feed roller, friction patch, paper switch, clamp, soft screen, nickel screen and so on)
4) Consumables: Ink, master…
5) The malfunction and losses caused by the irresistible disaster like fire, flood, earth quake, lightning strike, war and so on.
6) The malfunction and damage caused by exceed specified value which is forbidden, such as overcharge voltage of power source value.
7) The malfunction and damage caused by incorrect usage of the spare parts or consumables not approved by RDC corporation
8) The malfunction and damage caused during transportation and convey.
3.The guarantee of optional parts (if any) which installed in the machine are agree with the machines.
1.If there are any mechanical / electrical parts damaged, the distributors will send the parts back to RDC at their cost, and RDC Company will change with the new parts and courier to the other company at RDC cost.Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 36 Replica These parts replacements should be done within 1 week after receiving the damaged parts.
2.RDC Company will arrange training for distributor’s engineers for all maintenance & service regards.
3.If there some unknown problem may happened in the future, which cannot be settled down by our engineers, your company will still assist us how to solve the problem.